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Best of High Point Furniture Market - Spring 2018

You know when you're on some foreign getaway and itching to share your experiences with people back home? Well, two times a year I make the not-as-far trek to High Point, NC to shop for current and future clients. Two times a year I come back with sore legs and an iPhone that's maxed its storage capacity with photos of things that inspire me. After five days of shopping and toosh-testing, I'm excited to share what's trending in home decor this spring:

1// Moody Spaces

Yes, gray is still dominating the market but I was excited to see it in play with deeper, richer tones that have become the latest craze. This cozy corner in the Hickory Chair showroom currently has me scheming a brown, gray and mixed metallic color palette in my studio. Lovely how this setting reads warm yet crisp.

Vignette at the Hickory Chair showroom at High Point Market April 2018 showing metallic are by Leslie Archer Studios, gray leather chairs and a brown and gray color scheme

A bright and cheery mood by Suzanne Kassler features the still popular gray and white scheme with the necessary splash of color.

Suzanne Kassler pendants in white hanging at different heights over a grey wood table at the Hickory Chair showroom during High Point Market in April 2018

2// And the Golden Globe goes to...

Globes are everywhere! Like a Dunkin' Donuts every 100 feet in Connecticut, these modern beauties are the focus of the lighting trend.

A Christopher Guy pendant with frosted glass hangs in a setting of four white linen wood-framed chairs around a cocktail table in a room with charcoal walls

3// Still Feeling Blue

There's nothing depressing about it. Blues have claimed their stake in every combo you can imagine. Blue and grey. Blue and black. Blue and tan. It's incredibly timeless and adaptable to different color stories when you want to keep things current and fresh.

A Marge Carson cream and blue sofa paired with blue and black chairs in front of curio cabinet with etched glass in a sunburst pattern

4// Bold Color and (Floral) Pattern

For all you commitment-phobes out there (you know who you are), this trend may put you a little out of your comfort zone. If you're looking to ditch the monochrome palette and put more of a punctuation mark in your interiors, go for it--you're in good company.

Red velvet sofa with grey pillows by Theodore Alexander alongside a patterned multi-color rug, modern cocktail table and violet ombre accent wall

A set of 12 floral prints on a black background in a modern frame show the 2018 trend for moody interiors in a way that blends Old World Classiciism in transiotional styling

Bold floral prints at the April 2018 High Point Market in the Leftbank Art showroom show that design enthusiasts are starting to get brave again by committing to darker moodier pallettes.

We saw dark floral prints debut on the runway seasons ago which are now percolating into fashions inside the home. They're a nod to Old World romanticism with a little more punk (think Rembrandt meets Rolling Stones). Bold, edgy and moody--completely in line with trend #1 above.

If florals did a number on you years ago to the point you still have allergies, you don't have to sign on to this horticultural trend. My takeaway is that interiors are getting reintroduced to pattern and color like siblings after a bad fight and not speaking for a while. Homeowners are starting to get brave again with color and gutsy with interior choices.

5// Statement Ceilings

It can be easy to forget about the fifth wall, but adding paper or pattern to your ceiling can really stylize your space. This bold entry designed by Kelly Wearstler embraces this craze, as featured in Elle Decor.

This bold entry designed by Kelly Wearstler depicts the statement ceiling trend taking over interiors this year.

I scored samples of these artisan wallpapers by Phillip Jeffries that were just gorgeous! How amazing would they be on an accent wall or overhead? Instant coffered ceiling without dialing a trimmer.

Artisan wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries from the Yacht Club collection featuring handcrafted wood veneer wallpaper in Birch Sail colorway

Artisan wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries from the Coffered Wood collection in the dark charcoal Beach House colorway 4259

6// Break Ups

They're not always a bad thing. Taking a simple solid and creating a pattern by cutting it into sections--how genius! Christopher Guy and John Richard Collection are fueling this trend with cocktail tables, mirrors and other accent furnishings.

A white Carrara marble cocktail table by Christopher Guy featuring 5 unqiuely shaped individual sections that collectively form a rectangular shape.

7// Exposed Wood Frames

Rich wood detailing makes a peek-a-boo on upholstery without sacrificing comfort. Love how it accentuates the lines of each frame and elevates its style.

A Marge Carson swivel chair with a wood trim reveal, nailheads and upholstered in a grey wool fabric with light brown accent pillow.

Lounge chair by John Richard Collection featuring a cream linen fabric framed by linear accents of wood trim.

A wood-framed sofa by Marge Carson features a scoop back style and lilac and cream upholstery

Bottom line -- it looks like design enthusiasts are starting to get brave again, testing colors and a combination of patterns (cautiously). Style has always been individualistic but now I'm hearing echos to be unapologetically so. And just like people, there's nothing better than a room that knows who it is and proud of it.

What's your favorite takeaway?

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