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Top 5 Reasons You'll Like Working With Us


Rooms that make a statement.

Our favorite spaces are rooms with character.  They are not afraid to be who they are.  It is our pleasure to be known for creating original focal points or conversation pieces throughout a home. Tuscan rooms with rustic simplicity state “Here I am.  Get comfortable.”


We like nice things.

We work tirelessly on finding quality furnishings that are rich in design, materials and style. Whether it’s a kitchen table that’s meant to stand the test of time or silk florals that emulate the integrity of the real thing, we work hard at finding you the best because we like working with the best.


We're market savvy.

We keep our peepers open in our travels, locally and globally. We scour several trade shows throughout the year which let’s us stay in tune with top design trends and get acquainted with what’s out there. We know the splurge pieces that make a statement in a room and others that offer tremendous value.  This allows us to work within a budget and still achieve a high-end look.


Thinking outside the box.

Our creative juices are constantly flowing.  This encourages our imaginative flair and helps us find solutions to tricky areas of the home and unique installations.  It also fuels our passion for customization and developing one-of-a-kind spaces.


Custom design capabilities.

See something you like but it’s not quite perfect?  We love doing custom work and often times repurposing different materials to achieve an aesthetic unique to your home. Whether it’s retrofitting a cabinet to be used as a bathroom vanity or designing it from the start, we can tailor

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